Billy Renkl Fine Art

A Girl Reading A Love Letter
Haec Nox Est (This is the Night): after Laurie Anderson, #3
Untitled (mountain landscape)
Portrait of Currency Speculator I
Ripeness is All
Ideal landscape #1
A Prince of the Empire
A Foreign Country #5
Untitled (bird in a thicket)
Plan for a garden/portrait of my son
Untitled (fig tree)
Untitled Specimen
Forest Floor
Soil Survey
Untitled leaves (stone and quick)
Field (second version)
Untitled (Birdsong at dawn)
Lexicon #3
Lexicon #4
Untitled (map with flowers and fruit)
New and Modern; Distinctly Original; Styled with Dignity….
Untitled (telescope weaving stories)
Deus Ex Machina
Locket (remember me)
Polis IV
Untitled (telescope tower)
The Industrialist Attempts to Manufacture Longing
December 2, 1840: the thought of Walden
April 3, 1852: the bluebird
September 18, 1859: one advantage of a man’s dying
December 13, pm, 1859: what a spectacle the subtle vapors (#2)
July 16, Wednesday, 1851: I was all alive
January 6, 1838: without fail
May 21, 1851: the standing miracle
July 25, 1838: and thoughts flow
September 20, 1851: the most worldly-minded
November 11, 2pm, 1851: that blue mountain on the horizon
November 12, 1851: as many distinct plants (#2)
November 12, 1851: as many distinct plants (#1)
August 28, 1851 (but the eyes to see)
June 13, 1851 (a distant river)
November 11, 1850 (as much life)
Thursday, March 31, 1842 (the curls of a maiden’s hair)
April, 1839 (drifting)
October 24, 1847
Field Notes
Adam in Eden
Anatomy, Viscera
Portrait of St. Phocas the Gardener
Dreaming of the Child He Would Have