Billy Renkl Illustration

To the Bluebirds
Nature Abhors a Vacuum
Late Migration
River Light
In the Storm, Safe from the Storm
In Which My Grandmother Tells the Story of My Mother’s Birth
A Ring of Fire
Late Migrations, cover
When you Breathe, Spread 11
When you Breathe, Spread 10
When you Breathe, Spread 9
When you Breathe, Spread 8
When you Breathe, Spread 7
When you Breathe, Spread 6
When you Breathe, Spread 5
When you Breathe, Spread 4
When you Breathe, Spread 3
When you Breathe, Spread 2
When you Breathe, Spread 1
Endpapers for When You Breathe
Cover for When You Breathe, by Diana Farid
Forest Floor
Leafy silhouette
Rodeo in Reverse
Cloud collage
SCBWI ‘Challenge Word’ prompt: Comfort
Spot illustration about new construction in older neighborhoods
Field Notes
Field Notes
Field Notes
Field Notes
Field Notes
Field Notes
Field Notes
Field Notes
Field Notes
Collage of antique illustrations
Illustration representing a nostalgic view of American towns
Collage from vintage postcards
3D collage of botanical illustrations on mixed media background
Collage of antique illustrations
Cubist portrait made of various currencies, to indicate the interconnectedness of the global economy
Collage of antique technical illustrations
Collage of vintage postcards
Collage of vintage chromolithograph details
Collage of vintage illustrations, game cards, antique marbled paper
Illustration representing springtime
Parlor Trick
Collage of vintage illustrations
Collage made of antique chromolithographic greeting card illustrations; a portrait of my son
Illustration to highlight oral history initiative at the Nashville Public Library
Spot illustration for essay on Thoreau
Spot illustration for financial advice column
Spot illustration for financial advice column
Section opener for issue on growing your career, in this case, nurturing your company
Section opener for issue on growing your career; in this case, flowering
Spot illustration for an article on SWOT analysis in the building industry
Spot illustration for an article on Alzheimer’s, emphasizing pharmacological management
Illustration for a story about a girl who moves to the city for the summer
Course catalog cover
CD cover
Literary journal; theme: The End of the World
Literary journal; theme: games
Cover of School of Education publication featuring research on DOD schools
Cover of alumni magazine featuring cutting edge brain research
Literary journal
Cover of the annual self-promotion issue
Literary journal; theme: Hell
Cover of an issue devoted to food-themed writing
Alphabet book
For a story about a girl who visits New York City for the summer
Mailer representing children’s services
“Lord, what fools these mortals be!”
Illustration for state quarters album
Girl in Jungle
Illustrations for The Great Birthday Race
Distracted by, Enveloped by, Inebriated by the Sweetness of Honey
Longing for Another (some other) Chance
Life (and other) Lines
A Certain Harvest (for the Winter)
Signs and Wonders: Eclipse
Repairing and Repairing
Nest Egg
The Tetragrammaton: Y H V H
Typecast: A, B, AB, O
These Few Things: earth, air, fire, water
The End: famine, pestilence, death, war
The Order of the Day: morning, afternoon, evening, night
A Time for Every Purpose: spring, summer, fall, winter
Humor Me: blood, phlegm, yellow bile, black bile
An Album of Quartets cover page